Thursday, 16 May 2013


We had hoped to have Carolyn Cassady at the weekend event but she is unable to travel at the moment. So - in true beat tradition we are taking a camera and going on the road to meet with her in two weeks time to film her welcoming people to the convention and recording an exclusive interview to be shown on the Saturday as one of the true highlights of this spectacular weekend.
If you have a question you would like to put to Carolyn then please email or tweet it at @kerouacbeats 

Carolyn Cassady was a central figure of The Beat Generation. In fact, given that her husband, Neal Cassady, came to San Francisco because of Carolyn, it's easy to make the case that there indeed never would have been a Beat Generation without Carolyn.
Carolyn was an artist and costume designer as well as a wife, mother and homemaker. And, of course, she's most well known as the wife of Neal and friend of Jack, Allen and the rest. The story she tells in her book, Off The Road, is compelling because, in a very real sense, much of the 1950s and 1960s took place in the living room of her home in Northern California.
On April 28th, we celebrate Carolyn's birthday. Carolyn has been living in England for many years now, and she will have a chance to read your tributes to her on this webpage in the coming weeks.

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