Friday, 17 May 2013


Nic Saunders

Following a theatrical collaboration with poet Michael McClure in 2006, 14167 Films have to date produced three films based respectively on the work of McClure, Allen Ginsberg and most recently William S Burroughs. Using the original Beat source material as a starting point, the films have played at film festivals worldwide and won awards at several.

Barry Miles called their work "evocative and stimulating".  Screening as part of the 2013 Jack Kerouac conference are "At Apollinaires Grave", based on the work of Ginsberg and partially shot on location at the real Beat Hotel in Paris, and receiving its first screening in the UK, "One Night at The Aristo", based on a short story by William S Burroughs.

Simon Warner is a lecturer, writer and broadcaster on popular music issues and with a particular interest in the Beat Generation. A former journalist - he was a live reviewer for The Guardian in the early 1990s - he published Rockspeak: The Language of Rock and Pop in 1996, and edited the collections Howl for Now, a study of Allen Ginsberg's ground-breaking poem, in 2005, and Summer of Love: The Beatles, Art and Culture in the Sixties in 2008. His latest book, Text and Drugs and Rock'n'Roll, which considers the links between the Beat writers and subsequent rock culture, appeared through Bloomsbury in Spring 2013. He makes frequent contributions to the BBC and wrote and presented the 2010 radio documentary on the jazz poet Michael Horovitz. His obituaries of key members of the American counterculture have appeared in The Guardian and The Independent. Currently he is working on New York, New Wave, a title that will consider the rise of punk in Manhattan in the 1970s.

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